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More Decoding...

Coming Soon!

MustangDecoder.com is being completely revamped and will be updated soon!!! The new site will have tons more decoding information and offer additional services and products to classic Mustang and Ford owners.

You are invited to take a sneak peak of the new site, which will go live in early 2009. Be forewarned, not every area of the site is fully functional yet. We still have a bit of work to do before we can go live. We welcome any feedback or suggestions you have about the new web site. Please use the Contact page on the new site to send us your feedback.

We have discontinued our original Mustang Secret Decoder Disk product, but have no fear... all of the data and features of the original decoder disk...plus much, much, much more will now be available online...for FREE !!!. For example, check out the new Decoder Results page.

The new site is designed to be much more dynamic. We will be posting new data and updates every week. So come back often to see what we are up to... See you soon!

For more information about the original Mustang Secret Decoder Disk, check out this article, written by Mark Houlahan and published by Mustang Monthly in June, 1996.

The Mustang and Cougar Tag Book Available from Marti Auto Works. Find out what all the codes mean on other tags located throughout your Classic Mustang or Cougar.